Saturday, June 2, 2007

GA Info

As sub agent of Garuda, We need to inform you that started June 1 - Oct 27 2007, Garuda Airlines change their flight departure time:

GA 162 CGK-PDG 06.25- 07.55
GA 163 PDG-CGK 08.30- 10.10

Please inform it to all incoming guests.

Quite Weekend

Freedom 1 and Addiction just arrive this morning from the islands. And Addiction we'll leave again tomorrow night. What a turn around!! We have to prepare their boat docs. Their passenger permit is not valid anymore. So, Tia and Rosi went there to check the boat.
It's been very quite at the office. Electric is off at the office for 3 hours like usual. We heard some news about drugs on one of charter boats.. Scarry things..

Ps: Christina is having Birthday today!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!! Hope you'll have lots of fun and happiness today..
We're lucky to have great leader like you!! Wish you all the best in life..xoxo

Friday, June 1, 2007

SC out!!

Today is national holiday. It's the Vesak Day.!!! We would to congrats you who celebrate Vesak today. It's the holy day for Buddhists.
Well, our office supposed to be closed today but we can't.. One of our boats Southern Cross is going out to the islands.. So we have to bring our lazy ass from home and work like usual. Clients are numero Uno!! And we must give the best service we can to all of the boat under our agency.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hello All,
Finally, we decided to write a blog about this company.
We are PT. Bevys Sumatra - Shipping Agent, Tour and Travel-
You can contact us to:


Jln. Batang Arau No. 33 Padang
West Sumatra - Indonesia 25118
Phone: +62 751 34878 Fax: +62 751 38880

For any inquires and questions please call us on Monday - Saturday. From 9 am till 5 pm.
But for sure, our service ready for 24 hours!!